Two Improvements For Using Mitee-Bite Pitbull Clamps

I use a ton of Mitee-Bite Pitbull clamps, and they work great. There is only 1 problem with them…hex socket head cap screws! Hex screws are great if you are assembling something, or even to remove from time to time. the issue is even with good quality screws and hex drivers, one of them strips out. I came up with a great replacement and while I break one once in a while, I have yet to strip one out. The answer is Torx-Plus. They are an improved Torx without the sharp points.  I really torque them down with a T-Handle wrench and a cordless driver, and I have been using the same two bits I bought two years ago.

  • Bit – Wiha – IP15 Torx-Plus Power Bit – PN: 74616
  • #8 Replacement Screws – McMaster PN: 92610A194

The second improvement is the BTI-Tools T-Handle wrenches. they have a great “feel” if you need to tighten down the Pitbull clamps. More info on them here.

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