T-Handle Hex Wrenches

BTI T-Handle Hex Wrenches

I like many of you own Bondhus T-Handle Hex wrenches, and they are fantastic, but smaller sizes tend to twist, and they don’t help if you need something other than a hex type wrench. Enter BTI-Tools. American Made and well built. I bought several of the 1/4″ Hex – 6″ length versions (PN: BT-T6-7) and supplied my own hex bits. There is a set screw to hold the bit in and you can set the depth of the bit. I have a Torx Plus bit in one and put a universal bit holder in another. As they don’t twist, they have a good feel for tightening¬†smaller fasteners. Check out their site. They have a “+” version and extensions as well.


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