Shop Reference Guide

When designing and building, there is a ton of needed reference material that I need. Decimal conversion charts, drill charts, collet charts, and many others. Some of these I use every day, some rarely. I wanted to bring these references in one place, so I broke out Word and my favorite PDF editor and got to work. The reason I use PDF’s is I can load them on my computers, iPad, and iPhone. there are PDF readers for every platform.

Gathering The Reference Material

I would share mine, but most of the material is from catalogs and downloaded from different manufacturers websites, and thus copyrighted. With PDF’s you can virtually rip apart catalogs and keep just the useful parts. Here are the links to some of what I use:

Tap/Drill Charts

Here is one from Bass Tool & Supply in Houston, TX (My local tooling provider)

Starrett Chart – Old Reliable

Little Machine Shop – Includes Clearance Drill Sizes

Other Info

ER Collet Size Charts – I took pages 52 and 53 from the Techniks 2017 Metalworking Tooling Solutions Catalog located here

Custom Information

This is where you can really start to make a difference. I use a ton of Mitee-Bite Pitbull clamps in my fixtures. I downloaded their PDF catalog and took a screen capture of the reference diagram. I added the needed dimensions so I didn’t have to keep looking at the cross reference table. It saves me a ton of time.

Final Thoughts

The reference guide has become a curated document for my shop. I load it on all of my devices so I always have it with me. It will change over time, but it has a long term place in my shop.



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